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Jane Goat

For as long as I can remember, Jane Goat has been my alias. I think it started back on AIM when I made my first username. I've always loved G.I. Jane and I'm pretty sure I was doing a report on goats at the time (catholic school is weird). When I decided to start putting my portfolio online, I intended to use my real name, Abbey Withey. However, once I started the process, I quickly learned that every possible URL containing my name was bought up by a d-bag holding company and would not sell them back to me. So, I decided to use my age-old alias one more time. Thus, Jane Goat was born.


Designing my logos were very fun. I have two, one on the top of my website, and this one. This one in particular I wanted to be very fun, slightly edgy, and still obviously legible. I'm sort of into animal prints lately, but didn't want to go full Cheetah - so I settled on what I believe to be a fun in-between.

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