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Truth Posters

Inspirational quotes are great. Fancy, hand-lettered inspirational quotes are even better.


We've all seen them, pinned them, even occasionally printed them out and taped them to our mirrors or the edge of our computer; usually to make ourselves feel more accomplished or to justify eating an entire jar of nutella in one sitting.


Either way, it's a short-lived high of inspiration and a week later you'll log back into Pinterest and think to yourself how naive and doe-eyed you were the week before, all the while pinning new pictures of workout routines and girls who are just more genetically gifted than the majority of us. 

I'm not saying I'm not guilty of this behavior myself. I love quotes, and if you opened my Pinterest you'd find a plethora of "skinny brownie" recipes (spoiler: there is no such thing) and gorgeous bedrooms with more square footage than my entire apt (how come their rooms always look better than mine) - but I decided it's important to celebrate the cynical, humorous side of life as well.


With all of the being said, I decided to create a series of posters that highlight a more realistic, pragmatic outlook on life. I hope you enjoy.